Class Descriptions

Tiny Tutus As the original creator of this particular class, Miss Kristin has developed Tiny Tutus specifically designed for the 2-year-old dancer. Tiny Tutus is fun and energetic. It uses music that is familiar to dancers of this age group and engages them in activities that are both fun, and builds basic dance knowledge. Dancers will learn so much more than just steps in this fun and engaging class. They will interact with other children their age, learn to be in a classroom environment, and learn to be confident in front of an audience.

Funky TuTus Another original idea created for THE STUDIO. It’s perfect for the young dancer that has some extra spunk! This hour long class is geared toward our 5 and 6-year-old dancers that love Hip Hop, but still enjoy the discipline of Ballet. Hip Hop at THE STUDIO is always age appropriate with music that is current. This particular class is a favorite among our families!

Combo Classes An hourlong class specifically geared toward 4-6-year-old dancers. We offer Ballet/Tap and Jazz/Tap combos. They are one hour long and time is divided evenly among both disciplines. At THE STUDIO, we pride ourselves on teaching our dancers correct technique in a way that is fun and exciting for the dancers, but also has them excited to learn more! you will see the impact of this class when your dancer comes home thrilled to show you their “new move” and use proper terminology.

Ballet The foundation of dance. Strong ballet technique is paramount. Balance, grace, strength and poise are taught by an industry professional. THE STUDIO is fortunate to have to professional ballet teachers on staff. They will encourage the dancers as well as promote the most stunning technique.

Modern An expressive style of dance developed in the early 1900’s as a reaction to the formality of ballet. THE STUDIO is proud to be one of the few schools on Long Island to have a true Modern program taught by a current member of a Modern Dance Company.

Contemporary A genre of dance that developed during the mid twentieth century and has grown to become one of the most popular for formally trained dancers. Our Contemporary program is taught by an internationally sought after teacher/choreographer.

Jazz A style with a foundation rooted in Ballet, Jazz offers a plethora of styles most people will find familiar, from Broadway to Music videos. With leaps, turns, and powerful jumps, this is a favorite among many dancers.

Tap This class is high energy! Our tap teacher is truly a Master. Students are taught the proper way to tap dance, from a true Industry Professional.

Musical Theatre Why just dance when you can act and sing? This is the class for a student craving for the bright lights of Broadway!